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X-plore 1.57 - Cr@cked by MTOi SymbianOS S60v3v5S^3 Anna Belle

X-Plore 1.57.jpg


*View all drives / folders / files on phone in tree view *1 *Pack files to Zip archive
*Integrated text and image viewer *View Word documents
*View file details *Hardware device info
*Edit file attributes (hidden, read-only, etc) *View processes and tasks *2
*Rename and delete files *Built-in program updater
*Create or edit text files *Viewing, saving files in messaging folders *3
*Create folders *Simple video player *3
*Multi-selection *Hex viewer and editor
*Copy or move files and folders *Search files
*Send files via Bluetooth *Folder hotkeys
*Extract files from Zip, Rar, Jar archives *Simple audio player

CHANGE LOG: Small Fixes



For Hacked System:

If you are using X-plore V.1.5x - Cr.acked by MTOi Go to (C:\MTOi\) and delete (MTOi.x-plore)

[For Doing This U'll Need To Install Rompatcher And Apply Open4All RP+,n go in xplore named X-PUNRG and delete it]

For unHacked System:

If you want to use the X-plore V.1.57 - Cr.acked For UNHacked System by MTOi
You have to be delete X-plore V.1.57 when it stops work and Reinstall X-plore and open it
then install X-plore V.1.57-Cr.ack For UNHacked System.sisx in zip file

All credit to MTOi



RomPatcher Plus 3.1



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