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Alien Quarantine (DE) by Gameloft

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You are going to experience the most horrible nightmare, you will have to overcome horror to survive. You must solve a chain of difficult issues inside the space ship as well as on the burning red planet. Unblock powerful weapons and remember: you never know what is there in the darkness. This is the death fight! You are going to fight against numberless hordes of horrible space creatures. Your only chance to survive is to defeat them! As an experienced mercenary you will have exhausting battles in space ships and distant planets. Choose weapons and get ready to wander in the darkness... Who knows what the darkness hides?

Space Horror features:

  • This horror genre game for your mobile will make your flesh creep;
  • Detailed playing world: abandoned space ship and very inhospitable planet;
  • The atmosphere of chilly horror: follow each shadow – who knows what is there?
  • Breathtaking tasks on many levels;
  • Different weapons – as long as you have it - don’t be afraid of your enemies!


German versions

E71: Secured URL
N73: Secured URL

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