Monday , September 21 2020


The Perils of IT Security Hubris

cybersecurity hubris puts businesses at risk

Women in Tech: 20 Trailblazers Share Their Journeys Successful women in the tech trenches share their insights and tackle subjects ranging from how to search out a strong mentor to how to be one — from how to advance in a large company to how to start your own firm. …

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Falak Shabir On The Set Of Bol Nights


Falak emerged as a shining star and gained recognition for his distinctive talent and originality of outclass music. Due to his unique style, he is now a big craze for the young generation, be it Television, concerts in Pakistan as well as abroad. Falak’s first video of ‘Rog’ appeared on …

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PEMRA banned Jalan From Airing On Television

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) is taking notice of the content of dramas and also taking action against those which are against ethical, religious and moral values of our society. Earlier, PEMRA banned the repeat telecast of drama serials Ishqiya and Pyar Ke Sadqay after they received numerous complaints …

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