Download Salmonid Fisheries Freshwater Habitat Management

Salmonid Fisheries Freshwater Habitat Management

Salmonid Fisheries: Freshwater Habitat Management By
2010 | 345 Pages | ISBN: 1405183969 | PDF | 11 MB

Salmonid Fisheries is a landmark publication, concentrating on river management, habitat restoration and rehabilitation, disseminating lessons learnt in relation to the intensively studied salmonids that are applicable to future interventions, not just for salmonid species but for other non-salmonid species, biota and ecosystems. The contents of this book are the product of the Atlantic Salmon Trust's 40th Anniversary Conference, held in association with the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust. Drawing together carefully-edited contributions from many of the world leaders in river restoration from academia, commercial management and government agencies, this important book highlights the need to view river management from the context of the catchment and to adopt an ecosystem-based approach to restoration. The book is broadly divided into two sections which discuss first, the status of current understanding concerning the relationship between lotic habitat management, the response of salmonid fisheries and the theory of river restoration, and secondly, the application of this to habitat management and river restoration. Salmonid Fisheries is an extremely valuable work of reference for fisheries managers, ecologists, environmental scientists, fish biologists, conservation biologists and geomorphologists. Libraries in all universities and research establishments where biological and earth sciences, and fisheries management are studied or taught should have copies of this book on their shelves. Contributions from a wide range of well known experts Published in association with the Atlantic Salmon Trust Habitat management is crucial for dwindling wild salmon populations Of great importance to aquatic ecologists and fisheries managers Content: Chapter 1 Variation in Habitat Quality for Drift?Feeding Atlantic Salmon and Brown Trout in Relation to Local Water Velocity and River Discharge (pages 1-27): John ArmstrongChapter 2 'Catchment Consciousness' - Will Mantra, Metric or Mania Best Protect, Restore and Manage Habitats? (pages 28-54): Malcolm NewsonChapter 3 In?Channel Placement of Structure to Enhance Habitat Complexity and Connectivity for Stream?Dwelling Salmonids (pages 55-80): Paul KempChapter 4 Integrating Science and Practice for the Sustainable Management of In?Channel Salmonid Habitat (pages 81-118): David SearChapter 5 Monitoring Salmon Stream Restoration: Guidelines Based on Experience in the American Pacific Northwest (pages 119-147): Philip Roni, George Pess and Sarah MorleyChapter 6 Restoring Ecological Connectivity in Rivers to Improve Conditions for Anadromous Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) (pages 148-163): Larry Greenberg and Olle CallesChapter 7 Riparian Management: Alternative Paradigms and Implications for Wild Salmon (pages 164-182): Keith NislowChapter 8 Does Fencing of British Lowland Streams Encourage Greater Salmonid Fish Stocks? (pages 183-193): David SummersChapter 9 Effects of Competing Brown Trout on Habitat Use by Atlantic Salmon Parr: Controlled Investigations in a Laboratory Stream (pages 194-208): Johan Hojesjo, Lee Stradmeyer, Sian Griffiths and John ArmstrongChapter 10 Pool Restoration for Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) in Gravel Bed Rivers in New Brunswick, Canada (pages 209-227): William C. HooperChapter 11 Nutrient Restoration Using Atlantic Salmon Carcasses as a Component of Habitat Management in Scottish Highland Streams (pages 228-241): Keith Nislow, Brian Kennedy, John Armstrong, Peter Collen, Janey Keay and Simon McKelveyChapter 12 Habitat Requirements for Juvenile Salmonids in Chalk Streams: How will Management Best Address Conflicting Interests? (pages 242-262): William Riley and Mike PawsonChapter 13 Aerial Photography as a Tool for Salmonid Habitat Assessment (pages 263-277): Stuart Clough, David Campbell, David Bradley and Keith HendryChapter 14 Lymington River Fish Passage Easements: A Case Study from the New Forest (UK) (pages 278-289): Mark SidebottomChapter 15 A Catalyst for Trout Habitat Improvement: A Review of the Wild Trout Trust Advisory Visit Programme (pages 290-295): Tim Jacklin, Simon Johnson and Edward TwiddyChapter 16 Influences of Environmental Variables and Stocking on Atlantic Salmon Upstream Migrations in the River Thames, UK (pages 296-306): Carolyn Rosten, Richard Horsfield, Karen Anderson and Andy TurnpennyChapter 17 Managing the Effects of Climate Change: Fishery Management's Greatest Challenge (pages 307-318): David Solomon and Graham Lightfoot

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