Liam Gallagher says Noel ‘turned down £100m Oasis reunion’ but teases ‘never say never’


Liam Gallagher has revealed his brother Noel “turned down £100m” for an Oasis reunion – but he hasn’t ruled it out completely.

The 48-year-old singer said on the The Jonathan Ross Show that they were close for a band reunion earlier this year, until his brother decided to turn it down.

He also says Noel needs to admit that he contributes to the “problem” before they even think about getting back together.

Speaking on the ITV show, he told the host: “When someone offers you 100 million pounds to do a few gigs and that man, you’re going to go, ‘Alright then yeah…’ there was a lot of money knocking about.

Liam Gallagher on The Jonathan Ross Show (Image: Brian J Ritchie/Hotsauce/REX/Shutterstock)

“It was 100 million pounds to do a tour and that and I’m thinking, ‘I’m not a d***head, know what I mean? I’ll have a bit of that.’ He’s not into it is he? He’s after a knighthood isn’t he?”

However the star teased that it could still happen in the future, as he added: “Never say never.”

But Liam fears it might not happen as soon as fans want it to as he says Noel doesn’t believe he is the problem.

The star has teased a reunion in future (Image: Brian J Ritchie/Hotsauce/REX/Shutterstock)
The brothers back in 2008 (Image: Getty Images)

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The star continued: “I think we’re both the problem and the problem is that he thinks he’s not the problem.

“He thinks I’m both the problems. Whereas I’m just a problem. I’m half the problem, whereas I can’t be having him thinking I’m the full problem. He needs to take on some of the problem.

“The minute he does that we’ll move on.”

The former band split in 2009 and fans have wanted to see them reunite ever since.

Liam and Noel Gallagher (Image: Getty Images)

Liam shared: “He needs to own his problem… No [I haven’t spoken to him]. I don’t think it’s going to happen.

It comes after the pair sparked reunion rumours earlier this year when Noel released a lost demo of the song Out There, and a few months later Liam wanted to have a reunion in a bid to raise funds for the NHS when the coronavirus pandemic broke out.

However it seems fans of the brothers will have to keep wishing for it to happen.

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