Microsoft Edge’s Shopping Tool Is Here, and It’s Even Better Than Before


Microsoft’s brilliant price comparison tool has finally arrived… but it’s not alone. If you’ve been keeping tabs on Microsoft Edge’s development, you’ll likely remember that a new shopping and price comparison tool arrived on the Insider builds recently. That feature is now available on the main branch, but it’s even better than what was originally announced.

How Microsoft Edge Is Making Shopping Easier

Back when we covered the news of Microsoft Edge’s new shopping tool, we didn’t have a whole lot to go on. The tool very clearly compared the price of a product to other stores, but that seemed to be the extent of it.

If Microsoft simply took that tool and released it as-is with a few bug fixes, it would have still been a solid addition to the browser. However, as reported on Windows Blogs, Microsoft went even further with the idea.

Now Microsoft Edge can scour the net for coupons and apply them for you. So, not only will it find the cheapest website for your desired product, but it will also find a discount for it; a double-whammy of savings.

Using the coupon tool in Microsoft Edge
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This is important for Microsoft Edge, as these features aren’t natively built into Chrome and Firefox; you need extensions. By putting these features into Edge, even those who are unsure or don’t know a lot about extensions can save money.

Microsoft is also backing up this brilliant feature with a new hub on Bing. When you open a new tab on Microsoft Edge, you’ll see the Bing homepage with its brand new Deals Hub.

The Deals Hub works similarly to Google Shopping, which takes prices from around the internet and collects them into one easy-to-read format.

All of these features are now available for both Microsoft Edge and Bing. Microsoft’s timing is very deliberate, as the software giant dropped the update a week before Black Friday 2020 started, and just over a month from the Christmas period.

As such, if you want to save some money while you shop, give Microsoft Edge a try. Who knows, it may save you a lot of money!

Making Gift-Buying Easier With Microsoft Edge

If you hate having to trawl the internet for the best deal, why not let the browser do the work for you? Microsoft Edge’s price comparison tool and coupon hunter are now ready to use; the question is, will it be enough to convince people to jump ship?

That’s not to say that Microsoft can rest on its laurels, though. Google is also stepping up its own game by offering price insights into its Shopping service.





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