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ISLAMABAD. The physical remand of the five Islamabad cops accused of killing 22-year-old Islamabad student Usama Nadeem has been extended by an anti-terrorism court in Islamabad.

The remand extension is for seven days.

The accused policemen appeared in court on Wednesday.

Usama, 21, was gunned down by the police for not stopping his car near Sector G-10.

The investigating officer requested the court to remand the accused for another 12 days. The judge inquired whether the weapons used in the killing had been recovered.

The IO said the weapons and shells used in Usama’s killing have been recovered and said a JIT has also been formed to investigate the case.

The court asked how many bullets hit Usama and where. To this, the IO said that five bullets hit Usama from the back and one from the front.

The court asked if there were any bullet marks on Usama’s car seat. “I didn’t see that,” the IO responded.

He then presented Usama’s medical report in court. After this, the judge expressed his displeasure at the IO for not taking a pictures the crime scene.

The court asked if this meant that the IO is colluding with the accused.

The court summoned the accused to the rostrum and asked them to explain how the incident took place.

One of the accused said that they got a call from a Shams Colony ASI about a robbery. He said they were told to come to the Srinagar Highway where there is a white car with four people inside. The car has to be stopped, the accused said they were told on the call.

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The judge asked the accused if anyone from the car fired at them, to which the accused responded that there was no firing at them.

The court said that Usama had a small car. “Do you not know how to stop a car? Will you shoot at the car?” the judge asked.

The court extended the physical remand of the arrested policemen for another seven days.

Slain Usama’s father seeks judicial panel
A day earlier, the parents of slain Usama rejected the police inquiry and urged Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed to order constitution of a judicial commission to probe his killing.

Addressing a press conference, Usama’s father Nadeem Younus Satti said his son was murdered by the Islamabad police and it was not an accident.

He said his son was pulled out of the car and shot six times in the face, legs, head and chest.

“There are no signs of blood on the car seat,” Usama’s father disclosed.

“How can they [the police] shoot someone in the leg from outside the car?” the victim’s father questioned, reiterating that his son was deliberately shot dead.

Nadeem noted that if the police were chasing him, how come there were bullet marks on the car’s bonnet and windshield. He quoted a senior police official as saying that the incident occurred because of police “carelessness”. “It was nothing but murder,” the victim’s father said and demanded that the accused police officials be hanged till death.

“The Supreme Court must take a suo motu notice of the killing,” he said, adding that a free trial must be conducted as soon as possible. On the other hand, Usama’s mother in a statement criticised Prime Minister Imran Khan and said he was not forming a New Pakistan but a ‘New Graveyard’ in the country.

“The prime minister should gun us down or provide us with justice,” she said.

“We are hopeless because government is telling lie on every step. My son was a friendly boy but the Islamabad police snatched him,” she said. She said the police were changing their statement time and again and appealed to the Supreme Court for justice

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