1. Farid

    3DCoat Textura 2021.70

    3DCoat Textura 2021.70 3DCoatTextura is a specialized version of 3DCoat 2021 with a focus exclusively on Texturing and Rendering. It is easy to learn and designed for professional use. The program has all the advanced technologies for texturing. Peculiarities: All 3DCoat features for...
  2. Farid

    3DCoat 2021.70

    3DCoat 2021.70 3D-Coat is a program that has all the tools you need to bring your 3D idea to life, from a block of virtual clay to a production-ready, fully textured model, whether organic or with a solid surface. Simple texturing and PBR: - Support for micro-vertex drawing, pixel painting...