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  1. Farid

    Music My Chemical Romance - The Foundations of Decay 2022 [24Bit-44.1kHz] FLAC [PME...

    My Chemical Romance - The Foundations of Decay (2022) [24Bit-44.1kHz] FLAC [PMEDIA] ️ Music: Audio: Tracklist: https://nitro.download/view/8002577906519BD/My_Chemical_Romance_-_The_Foundations_of_Decay_2022_24Bit-44.1kHz_FLAC_PMEDIA_%E2%AD%90%EF%B8%8F.rar...
  2. Bo0mB0om

    eBooks Foundations of Global Communication: A Conceptual Handbook

    English | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ 1032185783,1032185821 | 341 pages | True PDF | 23.45 MB This book provides a wide-ranging theoretical and empirical overview of the disparate achievements and shortcomings of global communication. This exceptionally ambitious and systematic project takes a critical...
  3. Bo0mB0om

    eBooks Anatomy, Physiology, & Disease: Foundations for the Health Professions, 3rd Edition

    English | 2023 | ISBN: ‎ 1264130155 | 736 pages | True EPUB | 744.1 MB Roiger and Bullock's unique pedagogical and visual approach helps students make the important connections between systems and learn how the body functions normally in homeostasis and how disruption of homeostasis leads to...
  4. Bo0mB0om

    eBooks Mathematical Foundations Of Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics

    2022 | ISBN: 9811245150 | English | 336 pages | PDF | 7 MB The book is devoted to the mathematical foundations of nonextensive statistical mechanics. This is the first book containing the systematic presentation of the mathematical theory and concepts related to nonextensive statistical...
  5. Bo0mB0om

    eBooks The Foundations of Mathematics in the Theory of Sets

    English | ISBN: 0521770343 | 2001 | 446 pages | PDF | 20 MB This unified approach to the foundations of mathematics in the theory of sets covers both conventional and finitary (constructive) mathematics. It is based on a philosophical, historical and mathematical analysis of the relation...
  6. Bo0mB0om

    eBooks Foundations of Crime Analysis: Data, Analyses, and Mapping (EPUB)

    2018 | ISBN: 1138860484, 1138860492 | English | 278 pages | EPUB | 8 MB In recent years, the fields of crime analysis and environmental criminology have grown in prominence for their advancements made in understanding crime. This book offers a theoretical and methodological introduction to...
  7. Bo0mB0om

    eBooks The Four Foundations of Mindfulness in Plain English [Audiobook]

    English | ASIN: B01E7S1SJW | 2016 DOWNLOAD https://nitroflare.com/view/15D172B7B4B3710/r4m2z.The.Four.Foundations.of.Mindfulness.in.Plain.English.Audiobook.m4b https://rapidgator.net/file/38e2f17afabe9f24014b7d6d1dbebca9/r4m2z.The.Four.Foundations.of.Mindfulness.in.Plain.English.Audiobook.m4b
  8. Bo0mB0om

    eBooks Foundations of Health: Harnessing the Restorative Power of Movement, Heat, Breath, and the Endocannabinoid System [Audiobook]

    January 18, 2022 | ISBN: 9780062996114 | Language: English | File size: 143 MB DOWNLOAD https://nitroflare.com/view/CA65C3D10DE8B36/adqnz.Foundations.of.Health.Harnessing.the.Restorative.Power.of.Movement.Heat.Breath.and.the.Endocannabinoid.System.Audiobook.mp3...
  9. Farid

    eBooks Foundations of Engineering, 3rd Edition

    Foundations of Engineering, 3rd Edition The third edition of Foundations of Engineering gives freshman engineering students a solid foundation for all their future coursework. It provides an overview of the engineering profession and of the skills they will need to develop, as well as an...
  10. Farid

    eBooks Web Development and Design Foundations with HTML5, 10th edition

    Web Development and Design Foundations with HTML5, 10th edition Pearson eText for Web Development and Design Foundations with HTML5 -- Access Card, 10/e https://rapidgator.net/file/da812d09b00159404da98b1e055d613e/Web_Development_and_Design_Foundations_with_HTML5_10th_edition.rar...
  11. Bo0mB0om

    Training Linkedin Tech Recruiting Foundations 7 Recruiting for Blockchain

    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch Skill Level: Beginner | Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 3h 12m | Size: 3.55 GB Tech is one of those rare places where demand for jobs is higher than the supply. How can recruiters and hiring managers get the best...
  12. Farid

    Training Foundations and Applications of Social Epistemology Collected Essays

    Foundations and Applications of Social Epistemology Collected Essays General: Description: https://rapidgator.net/file/b51866eb057189f053537817ffe72518/Foundations_and_Applications_of_Social_Epistemology_Collected_Essays.rar...
  13. kakalot99

    Training Linkedin - Foundations of Accessible Elearning

    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch Skill Level: General | Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 51m | Size: 118 MB Providing accommodations to make learning accessible is a focal part of training and education. But how do you remove the barriers to...
  14. kakalot99

    Training Udemy - Foundations of Capitalist Political & Economic Thought

    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz Language: English | Size: 986 MB | Duration: 1h 5m How Capitalist countries promote individual freedom through the Free Markets, Wealth and Efficient Distribution What you'll learn How Capitalism leads to Human Freedom. Requirements General...
  15. kakalot99

    Training Linkedin - IoT Foundations Standards and Ecosystems (2021)

    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch Skill Level: Beginner | Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 1h | Size: 187.4 MB The internet of things (IoT) includes billions of "smart things" that are connected to the internet. In this course, engineering instructor...