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  1. Farid

    Application SIV System Information Viewer 5.64

    SIV (System Information Viewer) 5.64 File size: 19 MB HomePage : http://rh-software.com https://nitro.download/view/485860D0113D6F7/SIV_System_Information_Viewer_5.64.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/9f477767aa7986f1e1f8be3728aac065/SIV_System_Information_Viewer_5.64.rar
  2. Bo0mB0om

    eBooks CRISC Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control All in One Exam Guide, 2nd Edition

    English | May 6th, 2022 | ISBN: 1260473333 | 272 pages | True EPUB | 5.66 MB A fully updated self-study guide for the industry-standard information technology risk certification, CRISC Written by information security risk experts, this complete self-study system is designed to help you prepare...
  3. Bo0mB0om

    eBooks CISM Certified Information Security Manager Study Guide

    English | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ 1119801931 | 435 pages | True PDF EPUB | 40 MB Sharpen your information security skills and grab an invaluable new credential with this unbeatable study guide As cybersecurity becomes an increasingly mission-critical issue, more and more employers and professionals are...
  4. Bo0mB0om

    eBooks Information and Communication Technologies for Agriculture-Theme III: Decision

    English | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ 3030841510 | 311 pages | True PDF | 7 MB This volume is the third (III) of four under the main themes of Digitizing Agriculture and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The four volumes cover rapidly developing processes including Sensors (I), Data (II)...
  5. Farid

    eBooks Principles of Information Systems MindTap Course List , 14th Edition

    Principles of Information Systems (MindTap Course List), 14th Edition https://nitro.download/view/F920F7221E7FFE4/Principles_of_Information_Systems_MindTap_Course_List_14th_Edition.rar...
  6. Bo0mB0om

    eBooks Proceedings of International Conference on Information Technology and Applications: ICITA 2021

    English | PDF,EPUB | 2022 | 753 Pages | ISBN : 9811676178 | 107.3 MB This book includes high-quality papers presented at 15th International Conference on Information Technology and Applications (ICITA 2021), held in Dubai, UAE during 13 - 14 November 2021. The book presents original research...
  7. Bo0mB0om

    eBooks Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems for Policy Decision Support

    English | 2022 | ISBN: 9811677301 | 495 Pages | PDF | 22 MB The management of data to understand complex and interwoven processes of sustainable development has been a great challenge for researchers, planners, and decision makers. Remote sensing and GIS-based policy decision support systems...
  8. Bo0mB0om

    eBooks The Syrian Information and Propaganda War: The Role of Cognitive Bias

    Ben Cole | 2022 | ISBN: 3030932818 | English | 430 pages | PDF | 6 MB This book focuses on the propaganda war between the Syrian government and the opposition movement, which excludes the Islamic State and the Kurdish-led SDF. Drawing on international relations, psychology, and media studies...
  9. Farid

    eBooks Management Information System by Introbooks Team

    Management Information System by Introbooks Team https://nitro.download/view/B1CCD4B47E1329A/Management_Information_System_by_Introbooks_Team.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/d6d1b70246cd85822828f9620e23ab1e/Management_Information_System_by_Introbooks_Team.rar
  10. Bo0mB0om

    eBooks Fourier Theory in Optics and Optical Information Processing

    English | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ 0367894572, 978-0367894573 | 248 pages | True PDF EPUB | 28.16 MB Fourier analysis is one of the most important concepts when you apply physical ideas to engineering issues. This book provides a comprehensive understanding of Fourier transform and spectral analysis in...
  11. Bo0mB0om

    eBooks Developments in Information & Knowledge Management for Business Applications: Volume 5

    English | 2022 | ISBN: 3030970078 | 718 Pages | PDF | 17 MB The book delivers an elaboration of multidisciplinary concepts, examples, and practices that can be useful for researching the evolution of developments in the field. In this book, we continue to provide a critical look at the...
  12. Bo0mB0om

    eBooks Making Data: Materializing Digital Information

    English | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ 135013323X | 281 pages | True PDF EPUB | 15.9 MB For many outside of the scientific community, big data and the forms it takes, such as statistical lists, spreadsheets and graphs, often seem abstract and unintelligible. This book investigates how digital fabrication and...
  13. Bo0mB0om

    eBooks Information and Communication Technologies for Agriculture―Theme I: Sensors

    English | 2022 | ISBN: 303084143X | 339 Pages | PDF | 14 MB This volume is the first (I) of four under the main themes of Digitizing Agriculture and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The four volumes cover rapidly developing processes including Sensors (I), Data (II), Decision...
  14. Farid

    eBooks Introduction to Information Science, 2nd Edition PDF

    Introduction to Information Science, 2nd Edition (PDF) https://nitro.download/view/14768DA2F9C34F8/Introduction_to_Information_Science_2nd_Edition_PDF.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/8330ab4367cb770d68b15541f8f05e1f/Introduction_to_Information_Science_2nd_Edition_PDF.rar
  15. Farid

    eBooks Making Data Materializing Digital Information

    Making Data Materializing Digital Information https://nitro.download/view/823FF04C796E9CD/Making_Data_Materializing_Digital_Information.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/2c9de0daf02eee7235347735f8a5d8c6/Making_Data_Materializing_Digital_Information.rar
  16. Farid

    Application SIW (System Information for Windows) 2022 v12.1.0317 Technician

    SIW (System Information for Windows) 2022 v12.1.0317 Technician System Information for Windows (SIW) is a utility that, after installing and running it, you can easily view fairly extensive information about the hardware of your computer. SIW provides users with a powerful and easy-to-use...
  17. Farid

    Application SIV (System Information Viewer) 5.63

    SIV (System Information Viewer) 5.63 File Size : 18.2 Mb Description: System Information Viewer is a general Windows utility for displaying lots of useful Windows, Network and hardware info - CPU info, PCI info, PCMCIA info, USB info, Machine Info, Hardware Sensors, Networked computers...
  18. Farid

    eBooks Modeling and Simulation with Simulink® For Engineering and Information System...

    Modeling and Simulation with Simulink® For Engineering and Information Systems (De Gruyter STEM) The essential, intermediate and advanced topics of Simulink are covered in the book. The concept of multi-domain physical modeling concept and tools in Simulink are illustrated with examples for...
  19. Bo0mB0om

    Training Udemy Productivity And Information Overload Management

    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz Language: English | Size: 412 MB Duration: 48m Scatter-Brain Distractions And Focus Can Be Managed What you'll learn Find out how to identify the life-consuming distractions in your life Increase your productivity in school, work, and personal...
  20. Farid

    Application HiBit System Information 2.0.35

    HiBit System Information 2.0.35 File Size : 2.1 Mb HiBit System Information is a powerful system information utility that gathers important data on the computer's hardware and software components also you can save your scan results directly as a HTML file for easy sharing. The HiBit System...