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Automate Everything with Python (Early Bird Access)


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Nov 6, 2021
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MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 134 lectures (4h 59m) | Size: 1.6 GB

Learn to create any Python program, spin up your Python skills to a pro level, land build your big GitHub portfolio!
What you'll learn:
Learn to use Python to automate web scraping, video processing, chatbots, and hundreds of more tasks
Build a vast GitHub portfolio of your own programs, which you will build during the course.
Become proficient in Python after having created hundreds of Python programs.
Be ready to apply for Python jobs after finishing the course
Learn the latest Python high-tech tools

Knowledge of Python basics (variables, basic data types, functions, conditionals, and loops)

Early Bird Note: The course is ready to take, but new content is still being added to the course. Early bird students who enroll now gain lifetime access to the existing and the new content. As an early bird, you also can participate in the content suggestion program. You can suggest new Python topics and scripts you want to be added to the course as new content.

What is this course about?
In a fast-growing world, Python programming is becoming a must-have skill. This course uses high-tech tools to help you master Python. Whether you want to automate email sending, rename 10 thousand files at once, schedule SMS, auto-start the webcam, auto-login to websites, scrape values, and many, many more, this course has it all. In the process of learning to do all those cool programs, you will master Python and will create programs with ease.

What will students learn to automate?
One of Python's strongest points is to make our jobs easier and more fun by automating tasks in any area. You will learn to send emails with attachments to hundreds of CSV contacts, automate SMS messages, filter photos from your albums, detect faces in photos and videos, spin up and deploy quick web apps, extract data from websites and PDF files, convert between different file formats, clean text using natural language processing, and many many more. At the end of the course, you will be equipped with a strong set of skills and a good GitHub portfolio.

Who is this course for?
This course is literally for anyone, from data scientists to students to doctors to musicians to new prospective programmers. With Python, you can do things from web scraping to generating music. There is always something that can be done with Python.

Do I need prior Python knowledge?
Yes. You need to know Python basics that are variables, data types, functions, conditionals, and loops. This course does not cover those because you can find such content easily on YouTube.

What is an Early Bird?
That means the course has launched and it is ready to be taken from students, but there will be more content added on a daily and weekly basis. So, as you take the course, the course every week. The course also has a student feedback form where students can suggest new content to be added by the instructor for a more personalized learning experience.

Can we use the apps to build our own GitHub portfolio?
Yes. You can publish the apps in your own GitHub account. However, it is recommended that you first change something from the code or even better, improve the code to make the apps really unique and yours. That will help your learning.

Do I have to follow the course in the given order?
No, you can pick the topics you like and only watch the videos and do the practice activities only for those topics.

What if I get stuck?
You will get stuck at some point. Every programmer does. When that happens, we've got your back. You can drop a question in the Q&A, and the instructor or the teaching assistant will answer your questions within the same day. You can also use the chat in the course Discord server to ask questions and chat with fellow students about Python.

What if I don't like the course?
That will likely not happen. But, if it does, you are covered by the Udemy 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can quickly return the course. No questions asked.

Does this course cover Python 2 or Python 3?
Python 3.

What IDE/editor is used in the course?
We use the Repl IDE which is becoming a gold standard nowadays due to the share and collaborate features the IDE offers which are especially useful when you are still learning However, you are free to use your favorite IDE.

Do I need Windows, Mac, or Linux to take the course?
The operating system does not matter. You can even use a mobile device since the IDE we are using works in the browser.

Does the course expire?
No. Once you buy the course, it is yours. You will get all future updates for free as well.

Who this course is for
Python beginners and intermediates