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CHM2PDF Pilot 2.25.1


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Nov 6, 2021
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CHM2PDF Pilot facilitates file conversions from CHM and TXT to the PDF format. It provides a simple working environment that caters to all types of users, backed up by standard PDF customization preferences.
Easily load your TXT or CHM files
After a brief and uneventful setup procedure that does not require special attention, you are welcomed by a regular window with a neatly organized structure, where loading TXT and CHM files is done via the file browser, since the drag-and-drop support is not featured.

Manage page specifications and output
Batch processing is possible, meaning that you can add multiple files to the list and convert them at the same time. Once the output directory is specified, you can initialize the conversion procedure with default settings.

As far as PDF settings are concerned, it is possible to select the page size, orientation and margins, insert page numbers, and exclude orphan pages. Furthermore, you may opt for a file merger instead of creating separate PDFs for each file.

A few last words
The application carries out tasks swiftly while using low CPU and RAM, so it doesn't affect overall performance. It delivers quality PDF documents and doesn't hang or pop up error dialogs in the meantime; we haven't encountered any issues in our tests. Although it lacks advanced options (e.g. editing PDF metadata, password protection), CHM2PDF Pilot provides users with a clean and simple solution to CHM-to-PDF and TXT-to-PDF conversions.