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Goal Setting Ultimate Story based course


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Nov 6, 2021
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MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 998 MB | Duration: 1h 6mBilly is a student who failed his exam. Things soon changed in life. Will he be able to achieve his audacious Goal?
What you'll learn​

Learn with Billy how to achieve your Ambitious Goals as he goes from being a looser to a Winner
Deeply understand Goal setting in practice
Unique approach where we peek into Billy's life to learn Goal setting
No pre-requisites
Goal setting seems like a no brainer to achieve any Great Goal! Yet it is seldom effectively practiced.

The Key is not about learning complex concepts but rather developing DEEP understanding about simple yet effective methods.

What better way to learn this other than through a story? In this 6 Episode series, let us learn various aspects of Goal setting in an extremely effective manner by walking along with Billy as he learns powerful techniques that truly revolutionize his life.

Every Concept is explained from Billy's life looking at his challenges, his learnings, and his outcomes.

This unique approach will help you apply concepts that work in your life and propel you to achieve your most audacious goal.

Episode 1 -Billy learns 2 powerful techniques

Assignment 1: Let's apply what Billy learned in our life

Episode 2 - Everything doesn't always go as planned and what about daily installments ?

Assignment 2: Let's apply what Billy learned in our life

Episode 3 -Somethings to increase and somethings to decrease

Assignment 3: Let's apply what Billy learned in our life

Episode 4 - Can you control everything?

Assignment 4: Let's apply what Billy learned in our life

Episode 5 - Are you missing something?

Assignment 5: Let's apply what Billy learned in our life

Episode 6 - The secret to happiness

Assignment 6: Let's apply what Billy learned in our life

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Let's make your GOALS come true !

- GrowbyDo

Who this course is for:
Anyone struggling to achieve goals
Anyone who wants to get to the next level of achieving Goals!