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Gravida Do Pregnancy and Postpartum Preparation Like a Pro


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Nov 6, 2021
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MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 2.67 GB | Duration: 1h 48mEverything you need to from know the moment you give birth through the first year postpartum
What you'll learn​

breastfeeding basics
childbirth preparation
what to expect in labor and delivery
newborn care
postpartum recovery
breastfeeding complications
For Every Change and Transition

Gravida provides insights, tools, and guidance to prepare for pregnancy, postpartum and your return to work because...

If you've ever had a baby, you'll know that the time is filled with "no one ever told me that."

No one ever told me that I wouldn't have abs postpartum and would need help sitting up for weeks.

No one ever told me that I'd shake uncontrollably right after giving birth, not a hallmark moment.

No one ever told me I'd need to pump at work as often as my baby eats.

New moms have trouble healing from birth because of a mountain of "no one ever told me's" that they need to navigate postpartum.

Gravida addresses the root of the problem of why so many women find it hard to heal from postpartum and return to lives they love: the mountain of things that they don't expect and need to figure out in inopportune moments again and again.

Gravida provides evidence-based heads up of what to expect and how to deal with it like a pro! We got your back, mama!

Morgan Michalowski, CNM, WHNP-BC, IBCLC has spent the last decade helping woman heal better and grow stronger.

For more Gravida Content or to join our VIP MOD Mom club email morgan@gravidamom.com

What's inside Gravida? Take a peek!

1.1 What to Expect & How to Prepare: Birth & First Day

Video 1: Hospital Arrival

Video 2: Contractions & The Waiting Game

Video 3: What Happens When Giving Birth

Video 4: The First 5 Minutes

Video 5: Breastfeeding The First Time

1.2 What to Expect & How to Prepare: the first 6 weeks

Video 1: Sore Joints & Tailbone

Video 2: Getting the Right Latch

Video 3: PJs All Day

Video 4: Bowling Ball Sensation

Video 5: Accidental #2 in the Shower

1.3 Postpartum: What No One Tells You

Video 1: Baby Bump Lingers

Video 2: Changes Down There

Video 3: The Myth of the Maternal Instinct

Video 4: Baby Getting Enough Food Can Be Scary

Video 5: Assistance Getting Up

1.4 What to Expect: Changes to the Body

Video 1: Heads Up: Breast Engorgement

Video 2: Not so Pleasant V-Heads Up

Video 3: Another Not so Pleasant V-Heads Up

Video 4: Healing Tears

Video 5: Re-establishing Intimacy

1.5 At Work: How to Transition Well

Video 1: Your Legal Rights

Video 2: How to Handle Time Off

Video 3: At Work: Things to Ask For

Video 4: Work Life Balance Reality

Video 5: Telling Your Boss You're Pregnant

1.6 Things to Ask for: Your Partner

Video 1: Help with Products!

Video 2: Help with Appointments

Video 3: Help with Postpartum Meals

Video 4: Help Being the Gatekeeper

Video 5: Ask Us How We're Feeling

1.7 What No One Tells You: Changes to the Mind

Video 1: Matrescence: A Mother is Born

Video 2: Perinatal Mood or Anxiety Disorders: Can't Outsmart It

Video 3: Ambivalence is Normal: Here's What to do About it

Video 4: 90% of Mothers Have Negative Feelings About Their Child

Video 5: Anxiety over Separation

1.8 Postpartum Healing: Advice

Video 1: Healing Noms

Video 2: Thoughts on Rest

Video 3: Meal Train

Video 4: Cleaning the House

Video 5: Support System

1.9 Breastfeeding: What You Need to Know

Video 1: Getting the Right Latch

Video 2: 5 Causes of Nipple Pain

Video 3: Concerns Around Enough Nutrition

Video 4: Foods to Avoid

Video 5: Hack for Breastfeeding Lying Down

1.10 What to Expect & How to Prepare: First 8 Months

Video 1: A New Way of Life

Video 2: Sleep Fluctuations

Video 3: Things to Know: Teething

Video 4: Mobility Changes

Video 5: Maintaining Partner Bond

Who this course is for:
pregnant individuals
postpartum individuals
working moms
breastfeeding parent