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How to Solder Electronic Components Like A Professional (2021)


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Nov 6, 2021
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Video: .mp4 (1280x720, 30 fps(r)) | Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, 2ch | Size: 1.4 GB
Genre: eLearning Video | Duration: 23 lectures (1 hour, 52 mins) | Language: English


What you'll learn

Choose the right soldering Iron
Choose the right tools you need to have to keep yourself safe while soldering and solder the right way
Choose the best solder out there, and why it is the best
Clean your soldering Iron
Change the soldering Iron tip head
Extend soldering Iron life span
Get your own Soldering tools that are right for you
Solder Correctly following The right steps to an excellent soldering
Set the right heat, solder and tools to be a soldering professional
Differentiate between good soldering and bad soldering with real life examples


Basic experience in Electronics
Basic experience in Electronic devices
A Will to apply, not just watch


>>> In this Course you will learn how to Master Soldering in no Time <<<

Why you should take this course?

Improve your soldering skills with this course.

Learn how to solder electronic components like a professional.

Learn how to solder quickly.

Learn all the different types of soldering techniques.

Gain expertise in soldering work without taking too much time or have to learn through trial and error.

Almost every electronics enthusiast will be able to benefit from learning how to solder.

No matter what your background is, you can learn to solder with this course.

>>> Continues Updates <<<

More Than 1600 STUDENTS!!! THANK YOU!!!

What students are saying:

David Elsbree says, "This course is exactly what I was looking for, I have some hobby experience soldering, but found that it is difficult to find good information about tools and very little about "how to"."

Kenneth Long says, "Good, covers the very basics of soldering."

Welcome to this course.

1.5 Hour of HD Content | 1 Hour of Practical Videos | 1500 Students

STOP Wasting Time, Money and Effort on Bad Soldered boards, Start Solder correctly to have a long lasting Fully functional Board.

Ever Wondered Which Soldering Iron is right for you?

Did you ask Yourself why My soldering doesn't look or feel like a professionally soldered board like you see in most online videos and images or even in boards that you purchase?

This Course Have all the answers for you

You will learn how to master soldering, and use the right tools for the job

You can count on these results:

Learn how to choose the right soldering Iron

Learn how to change the soldering Iron tip head

Learn what is the best solder out there, and why it is the best

Learn how to clean your soldering Iron

Learn how to extend soldering Iron life span

Learn what are the right tools you need to have to keep yourself safe while soldering and solder the right way

Learn the difference between good soldering and bad soldering with real life examples

Basic soldering is a skill that's easy to learn and not hard to master.

It just takes practice!

There is a huge range of soldered situations out there, from tiny chip resistors on circuit boards to large UHF connectors.

There is also a large variety of irons, tips and solder to choose from, and it certainly does help to have the right tool for the job.

Good luck, and remember....

Good soldering takes practice!

Warning :You are working with HOT liquid metal, it is a matter of time before you will get burned.

Be careful!

Contents that will be introduced in this Course

•Soldering Tools

•Soldering Accessories

•Step 1: Preparation

•Step 2: Tinning

•Step 3: Soldering


•Tips and Tricks

Who this course is for:

Electronics Geeks
Anyone Interested in Learning The right way to solder
Electronics and Electrical Engineers