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Training Liberating Structures Practical Course

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Nov 6, 2021


Published 3/2023
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Language: English | Size: 2.04 GB | Duration: 5h 0m

Practical course with examples, tips and modifications
What you'll learn
Learn 33 proven Liberating Structures techniques from a completely original material
The course is designed as a learning log that you can refer back to
The aim of the course is to provide as much knowledge as possible about applying, modifying, combining and experimenting with Liberating Structures
Advice on facilitation, organization of events, workshops, promotion of LS, creating a sequence of techniques, combining LS with other techniques
No prerequisites.
I invite you to participate in a practical Liberating Structures course with examples, tips, and modifications. The course is based on my many years of facilitation practice, both in general and with the use of Liberating Structures.In the course, I share practical knowledge based on experience and real examples and show how you can use Liberating Structures in a creative way.Liberating Structures is a set of 33 practical and proven techniques for engaging people in a group. Liberating Structures techniques are applicable in any context in which a group of people works together, be it in terms of professional work, hobby meetings, workshops, or networking with people.I give examples of use from life - from workshops for clients that I conducted, from conferences, from events that I organized and co-organized as part of my activity in Poland and abroad, and many others.During the course I cover the following topics:- advice on facilitation- application of Liberating Structures techniques- levels of abstraction, cognitive biases & logical fallacies- components of Liberating Structures, known structures, principles- 33 Liberating Structures techniques - a learning log format where students can use knowledge right away, and create notes, observations, and ideas on the basis of which they will further develop their skills- how to create Liberating Structures sequences- additional materials - books full of knowledge worth using- punctuation - Liberating Structures connectors- BrainSwarming - a great technique for solving problems- Liberating Structures Online- creating and running User Groups- designing and running the Liberating Structures Immersion Workshop- promoting Liberating Structures- continuous practiceI invite You to participate in my course.Attribution of the background I use in the video - the author is katemangostar to be found on freepik.Original Liberating Structures material by Keith McCandles and Henry Lipmanowicz. - Creative Commons License.During the course, I present my own knowledge and advice on facilitation using Liberating Structures and other techniques.
Section 1: Liberating Structures Practical Course
Lecture 1 Trailer + Invitation
Lecture 2 Intro, Redaction, Disclaimer
Lecture 3 About me, achievements, goal of the course
Lecture 4 Course Agenda
Lecture 5 Theory - Introduction
Lecture 6 LS Use 1 2 3
Lecture 7 Information abstraction levels, cognitive biases, logical errors
Lecture 8 Interaction components, known structures, LS principles
Lecture 9 Practice, learning log, facilitation advice
Lecture 10 Invitations, Techniques
Lecture 11 1-2-4-ALL
Lecture 12 Impromptu Networking
Lecture 13 Nine Why's
Lecture 14 Wicked Questions
Lecture 15 Appreciative Interviews
Lecture 16 TRIZ - Subversive action
Lecture 17 15% solutions
Lecture 18 Troika
Lecture 19 What, So What, Now What
Lecture 20 Discovery Action Dialogue
Lecture 21 Shift & Share
Lecture 22 25-10 Crowd Sourcing
Lecture 23 Wise Crowds
Lecture 24 Min Specs
Lecture 25 Improv Prototyping
Lecture 26 Helping Heuristics
Lecture 27 Conversation Cafe
Lecture 28 Fishbowl
Lecture 29 Heard, Seen, Respected
Lecture 30 Drawing Together
Lecture 31 Design Storyboards
Lecture 32 Celebrity Interview
Lecture 33 Social Network Webbing
Lecture 34 What I Need From You WINFY
Lecture 35 Open Space
Lecture 36 Generative Relationships - STAR
Lecture 37 Agreement & Certainty Matrix
Lecture 38 Simple Etnography
Lecture 39 Integrated Autonomy
Lecture 40 Critical Uncertainties
Lecture 41 Ecocycle
Lecture 42 Panarchy
Lecture 43 Purpose 2 Practice
Lecture 44 Sequences
Lecture 45 Additional materials
Lecture 46 Punctuations
Lecture 47 BrainSwarming
Lecture 48 LS Online
Lecture 49 Leading an User Group
Lecture 50 Immersion workshop - design & lead
Lecture 51 LS Promotion
Lecture 52 Continuous Practice
Lecture 53 Books, references, etc
Lecture 54 Now what?
The course will benefit people working in roles such as - manager, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, facilitator, organizer, Product Manager, Product Owner, UX / CX, designer, analyst,I invite people interested in facilitation and Liberating Structures to participate in my course


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