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Training The Presentation Coach Bare Knuckle Brilliance for Every Presenter [Audiobook]

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The Presentation Coach Bare Knuckle Brilliance for Every Presenter [Audiobook]

English | ASIN: B00ASU49K4 | 2012 | [email protected] | 8 hrs and 18 mins | 228 MB​

You probably hate giving presentations; you probably hate listening to them too. Why? Because most business presentations are too long, too detailed, too boring, and submerged under a blizzard of PowerPoint. But the single most important presentational tool known to man isn't a slideshow; it's you.
Whether you're speaking to one person across a table, 20 people in a boardroom or 1,000 people in a ballroom, it's all about the words you say and how you say them. The Presentation Coach shows you how to use what you've already got to give you clarity, confidence and impact in every speaking challenge you will ever face.
You'll learn the unique Bare Knuckle five-step process to effective presenting, and how to apply it to all business speaking, from large-scale presentations to one-to-one client meetings. Graham Davies has been coaching high-profile individuals from the worlds of business, politics and entertainment in exactly these techniques for the past 25 years. Now it's your turn. Graham has used all the experience he has gained from his time as President of the Cambridge Union, a criminal barrister and an international speaker to develop a highly transferable presentation methodology that can be adapted to any situation.
He is the joint founder of the consultancy Straight Talking, which has a fifteen-year track record in presentation coaching for a spectacular client list, including Tesco, IBM, Porsche, KPMG and UBS.



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