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Training Udemy Advance Data Structure and Algorithm in C

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MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 2.28 GB | Duration: 2h 2m
Understand the behaviour of external API's inUE4 and learn how to better your game/app user experience using Native Code

What you'll learn
Fully able to add native android code inside ue4
Will make it easy to use Firebase,mail Login(Gmail,Social Medias,Image Picker,Video Picker and rest inside your ue4 app/game wiht simplest approach.
Learn Android Studio Collaboration with ue4 which is not mentioned in any of the documentation
Learn to create Third Party Plugins with C or C++ for ue4 with examples.
You will be able to understand how to make android UI part of ue4 wiht submergence .
Hands on to implement kotlin code as standalone in ue4 Java Mechanism.
No separate plugin is required for any of the above mentioned libraries.
Contains plugin inside this course and after the end of the code you can edit the plugin or add more functionalities
No requirement just desire to make app or better user experience games wiht ue4 is needed.
This Course will make you understand the behaviour of Android inside Unreal Engine and Educate you to build your own Android Plugins or use Android Native Functions or Any other Android Library from Github just as it is done in Android Studio.
It also Educates you to make Third Party Plugins using Visual Studio for Android,Windows and teaching techniques to generates Static and Dynamic Android Third Party Libraries using C/C++ code and how C code is called inside Unreal Engine.
I have made it simple by explaining configuration of various libraries like Firebase Database,Firebase Notification,Video Picker,Image Picker,QR scanner,Rate App inside App,Gestures Recognition and others which are essential for multiplayer Games/Games or any other kind of Apps where users info has to be inside google cloud or other.
I have Shown the Demo using Android Studio Emulator with different skin added from external source.
You will learn how to Create your Own Android Library and host that indie Jitpack using GIT,and use inside your Unreal Project with minimal code to write.
You would understand how Game Activity and Native Activity works inside UE4.
How to use kotlin libraries inside Unreal with Java code and understand basic JNI.
At the end of this course you could basically do whatever you can do inside Android Studio with no requirement of particular version of Android Studio and all version of UE4 above or equal 4.26.
You would understand the changes inside the UE4 Source Code to avid errors by editing code in source code and updating libraries versions for better experience.
You could also debug you UE4 Game inside Android Studio of any version.
Who this course is for
This is for all developers who use ue4 to either make games or apps to integrate with native android code for better user experience




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